Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday To All!

I hope that today is the start of a good weekend for everyone.

I have been frustarted this week.

1. Mostly with Jake, the dog. I know that he is getting old, and that I should have more patience with him, and when he is gone I know that I will miss him. I feel that I am not only taking care of one child but two more, really. Bailee loves Jake and always wants to touch him, well Jake doesn't like Bailee or anyone for that matter touching him. When you have food he is your best friend, in your face waiting for you to drop something. He licks everything and everyone. I am tired of the growling, whining, and barking.

2. I want to go shopping!!!!! I want to go to St Louis and spend lots of money, problem we don't have any. I have never been a big shopping person, I love to go to the mall and look more than anything. But lately I have been making list for things I want and what we need. I have a Sam's list, Micheals list and mall list. After making the list I got depressed because I realized I won't be getting any of this stuff for a while.

3. I realize that I am not a good "stay at home" mom. This is very hard to admit. I just get bored staying at home.

By the way I had a good laugh yesterday! You know that we get the St James Press Extra in the mail. Guess who was on the front page, Jim. I laughed so hard because of the title of the article "School will be 'attacked' and Jim, the resource officer, is smiling. If anyone knows my husband the one thing he hates in life is getting his picture taken. So during the board meeting, which he didn't want to go to, he had to explain what the Active Shooter thing was. And after he was done the paper came up and took his picture. He turns to him and says 'Thanks' well everyone started to laugh, so they took another picture and that is the one they printed.


Chrissy said...

Please, please let me know the days you are bored, and I will send Caleb over right away.

I saw the picture, too. Nice one of Jim I think, but odd selection by the paper for the article.

Nel said...

So are you officially a stay at home mommy now? I didn't know that if you are! And hang in there. It was a HUGE adjustment to me in the beginning. Most days are much better after awhile... but everyonce in awhile I have a down day.
Hang in there, I am sure Bailee LOVES having her mommy around!!

kimberly anderson said...

No I am home part time. I have off on Wednesday and Fridays. I do enjoy being with Bailee. I don't think I will ever be a full-time stay at home mom, even if we could afford it. I really enjoy working.